music in game

Hmm well i suck at puting the right words into a search engine i tried google before posting here and got a bunch of stuff about blender magazines best dead rock stars.
any way to my question:

I wan’t to have music play in the simple little maze game i made. So i opend an MP3 in cooledit pro and made it into a .WAV file. i opend the audio window in blender, and opend the .WAV file, then went back to my 3D view and hit P … nothing. well oviously there must be other things you need to do but i have no clue exacly what that is. could someone help me

You have to tell the GE to play the music. It is on one of the actuators.

sounds must be MONO, non stereo , under 16 bit wav files.
Look for the sound actuator, and you can have it turn on at the level start using an always sensor, be sure to untick the pulse mode on the always or it will keep re-starting the sounds.

hope that helps.

its on one of the actuators

read this tut it wil tell you all about the ge