Music Mixer 4 scene contest!

I’m going to take place in a scene contest (is it right to write that way?) in sweden and i’m makin’ a music mixer. This is how far I am, please give me some hints and tips to make me feamous on the contest :wink:

Mixerpict 1
Mixerpict 2

btw, the most of the objects are changed to dupliverts now.
(The deadline is next friday, so i’m in a little bit of a hurry now!)

Good job so far… but it’s hard to tell what suggestions to give. It needs color… materials… textures! :slight_smile:
Maybe at the top of the mixer board you should put “Music Mix 4”

OK, i don’t think the text will come up, but I got a logo! And about the textures… They are coming at the end!

Rendered pic

I’m planing to put a digital screen in the left corner, would that work out?

Sure, a digital screen should be good. Any reference pics?
Do you have any ideas of other things to add to this image, or is it just going to be this?

The base is this, but it will come some cables and maybe a mic att the side, but not much more. Here is a simple textured version of it with a screen. (I think it look a bit childish with those textures?)

I got some problems on my computer to make the pictuers show. If anyone other got that problem, you may choose; save target as, and the just open it!

I don’t get much replies here :frowning:
Now i’ve deleted the most of the test-textures. I thougt that the screen was better placed a bit down IN the mixer. The next step is probably som mic conections.

Screen changed

The screen placment is much better than before, that I can say, anyway its kinda too clean, maybe more detail to it? ( easy to say :smiley: ) but KUTGW

Everytime I click on a link that has your image it just takes me back to this post :confused:

yeah me too then I figured out copy and paste works.
On the screen try either shadless or some emit .

Sort out those links, they’re weird, they just take me back to this post in a new window.


alll dj’s use em!

The kind of console that you’re using is generally thought of as a throw-away. It costs next to nothing in a professional budget. This means two things:

  1. Most of them get the crap kicked out of them, even by people who respect their equipment. Add a few coffee stains or make some of the sliders slightly broken, etc.
  2. Because they’re so cheap, most of them don’t have a need for an LCD display. Anything like peak monitoring is done solely through columns of LED lights (going from green to yellow to red). Very few sound boards actually have LCD displays. Lighting consoles are another story though.

All of your nobs should have some sort of texture to them. Most have a single fin out and many have other grooves in the side.
You should also think about adding buttons for things like PFL and Solo.

Finally, I would choose a more artistic angle to look at your console at.
Here’s a great picture of a huge sound console
And here’s an interesting one of an equalizer
Finally, a console in use looks like this.
Although for the record, Scorp almost never gets used anymore.

You have a solid start, but it needs more details.

All: The links… I have no idea why they are acting like this, I’ve changed server twise now :expressionless:

About Details: The details is coming, i’m starting with the big parts, and taking at down.

Ouroboros: I like your comments, I think I will make the final image to a trached mixer, that could look kind of cool WITH the display. Some cables hangin’ out and stuffs like that.

Better keep working…