music needed?

If anybody needs some music for a project - contact me! We need some references for our page. (
We won´t take every offer, but if your work convinces us we´ll get your project a high-quality custom-made soundtrack!
Just ask: [email protected]

There’s a funny thing about that site, it has no music!

No offense, but no examples = nobody is going to take you seriously. We’ve seen this sort of offer dozens of times before.

Yes there’s music. o_O At least, I found some.

Didn´t I say we are in need of references? :wink:

Just click “releases” (“Tonträger”) or check out the myspace-sites of our artists, there you´ll find some songs of us.

But you´re right - there should be a player on the first page. Soon there will be much more songs - just today we mixed the next two of starfish64. Then you´ll get to hear something that´s a little more soundtracky. :slight_smile: In deed we have just begun. The studio exists since january. But that´s why I´m here.