Music note extrusion?

Hi I need the face of a music note extrusion / rounder? Not really sure how to get the faces of this note a little rounder ? Front and back ? I have a reference pic but don’t want it taken that far ? Later would like eyes mouth nose so that’s why I don’t want it as extreme as the reference pic ? Need this favor bad bad bad thanks in advance


You already have the model?

lyricbb, the technique to round over the edges will be dependent on the model’s geometry. If it has simple clean geometry just a subsurf modifier will round over the edges. If it has a more complex mesh you may have to bevel the edges and tweak faces to get the rounded edges. So like cmomoney said, it will depend on your model.

If you need the edges more rounded, like your other reference image, it may be easier just to model it from scratch.

This model has a bevel edge modifier applied to the outer edges and then a subsurf to smooth it out. The geometry I used was pretty ugly, just a doodle to play with bokeh effect, so a subsurf by itself did not give me the look I wanted.

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