Music Revolution - Scene

Hello ladies and blenderheads,

I’m working on a full scene render that’ll involve, how should I say - Music?
I’ve started the first asset, it can only be the speaker… In this case, a Celestion SL6 speaker.
The model:

The reference:

Ofcourse, this isn’t the only reference image I have.
There’s no incentive to model the grill effect into the faceplate, I’ll likely normal map it in nDo2.
There’s a few more knobs here and there to model and most importantly, the amplifier.

We’ll see how it goes…
Thx for viewing.


Just adding some more details, the front panel and bolts done.

High poly model has been completed :slight_smile:

The low poly and texturing has also been completed:
Texture flats:

The poly count is sitting around 2300 tris at the moment - far more than I’d like but it’s just a quick job. Didn’t optimize it much.

Let me know crits!

It looks really good. The texturing and modeling is well done. But if you are going to use this in a render (as opposed to an animation or game) why do you need it to be lowpoly?

First and foremost it’ll go into my portfolio.
Then there’s the added benefit of working with low-poly objects in realtime, no lag.
Also, once I’ve cleaned the normal map up a bit you probably won’t be able to tell the difference at a distance.
In the end, it’s just practice really.
…and thankyou :slight_smile: