Music video - My first project

Hi BA :slight_smile:

1 month ago, I saw this music video contest online. It was for the Montreal artist Das Mörtal.
I immediately had an idea in mind, but it was a 3d animation and I’ve never touched a 3d software before loll
So I started to learn it. Of course it wasnt easy, but I finally made something.

Since it’s REALLY not professionnal and not as well done as other projects in here, I would ask you guys to be indulgent with me. Even if I didnt win this contest, I wanted to show you my work.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome


I like it a lot! Your camera work was good and you clearly put a decent amount of thought into each of the shots and how they work together as a whole. And the simplistic design worked in your favor I think.

Nice work! Well edited and timed, a lot of great transitions!