Musical Musings and Some Such...

Just a few random things here or there from this past week…

Feel free to offer constructive criticisms… =^.^=

yeah that does sound great! I only listened to the first link.

in some places it sounds like you have a little bit of trouble changing frets fast enough and it drags the other parts that you do well down a bit. so yeah keep going practice practice practice :slight_smile:

Nice work, there, a lot of good sounds. Some could use a more percussive attack in a few places, but it might be your recording levels. I think they’d be very good as background in video work if you add some percussion or record a counterpoint guitar part and layer it with audacity. Thanks for sharing!:smiley:

the first one is FUCKING AWESOME
the second one i liked a lot, but the sort of southern-rock section in it kinda turned me off a bit.
The third is short and decent
the fourth didn’t turn me on too much, i’ll admit…

I think you should head more in the direction of that first one, it was beyond awesome, even if you miss some of the faster notes. Pretty bad-ass.
What artists do you like / what sort of sound has influenced you. if i had to guess (and i do) i’d say it was either late 60’s / early 70’s rock and folk music or some of the modern folk / metal bands. The second track reminded me a little bit of Volbeat, but more like Volbeat “unplugged” or something. They’re pretty heavy.

Keep it up :smiley: