Musician looking for artist to animate music videos

Hey, everybody! This is my first post on the forums. Long story short, I’m looking for somebody fluent in using blender to help me with some initial music video projects. I’m releasing a 3 song EP soon and I’d like to have an animated/blender type video to accompany each song. The time frame is between April-May. I’m new to blender and I feel like I wouldn’t do the songs justice if I tried to animate them at my current skill level in blender.

All of the ideas and vision for these videos will be provided to the blender. I will have a story written and good to go. I just need someone to animate the videos and bring the story to life.

Any interested people please get back to me ASAP so we can get started!

Thanks for reading!

I would be interested in helping you with this. Could you email me the details on [email protected].