Must... get... new... MONITOR!!!!

A 3D monitor that you can buy and hook up to your computer right now! Not a concept technology or dangling a carrot in your face. :eek::eek:

Here’s what PopSci has to say about it:

The iZ3D monitor can render almost any modern PC game in 3D. The software extracts two perspectives from the graphics data and sends each into one of two LCDs sandwiched on top of each other inside the monitor. You wear a pair of polarized glasses that sends a different picture to each eye, simulating the three-dimensional view you get of real life. The monitor can also do standard 2D when you have to get back to work.
Can you imagine blending on this thing?! Be still my heart…

that would be sweet man

polarized glasses are not new technology… I don’t believe the hype I’m afraid.

They’re not new technology, but you know how well it works if you’ve ever seen an IMAX movie. To my knowledge this is the first time the technology has been accessible to the general public at home. And it is a particularly nice thing for us 3D artists.

[Edit] Apparently it doesn’t work with OpenGL yet, but they’re working on it. It is also Nvidia exclusive, so no ATI.

This 3D display technology is very interesting but not new.

Here’s a link to one I posted a while back that requires no glasses:

Some more links:

3D displays are definitely the future though… that is, until direct optic nerve input and artificial visual cortex stimulation is perfected

:eek: :cool: :confused: :slight_smile:

By then all will be 3D, if only just that…


“The matrix has you Neo…”:smiley: Seriously though, I just got excited about this because people can buy and use it now for not TOO much more than you might pay for a regular LCD. (At least I’ve seen some large LCDs around $700+.) Anyway, next time I have some money to burn I’d definitely look into one of these…

[Edit] Yes, I know that using polarized glasses to view things in 3D isn’t new technology. What I didn’t know was that you could get it in a computer monitor, or anyplace else except in a commercial IMAX theater for that matter. Put it this way: 3D displays are expensive, but they’re actually a viable option for us now, even if we’re not particularly rich.

Actually 22" displays are around $300-400, though some of the “high end” models can be around that range.

And about the 3d display shown by Robertt, i saw a review of it on TV, apperantly it gives you a head ache real easily, and you’ve got be right in front of the display to see the effect.

Though it is cool tech.

Lord of the Rings Junkie: Haha :slight_smile: Yes, it’s like the whole cycle of life imitating art imitating life. Yes, I think it’s exciting too in a sense, and if there’s ever one we learn about that works perfectly with OpenGL/Blender then I think a lot of people here (myself included) would definitely get on line to get one :slight_smile:

Fonix Wircs: You’re right. The PC World reviewer mentioned about it not working unless staring at it straight away. It must be weird staring that long at something like that and then shifting attention to something else in the room, maybe like staring at one of those Magic Eye images for a few minutes and then looking away.

Holographic monitors would be another way to do it too:


Well, like I said, the developers have plans for an IZ3D that works with OpenGL in the future. In the meantime, at least gamers can experience things on a whole new level.