Must see, Demon Cloth

(Haunted-House) #1

Here is something I have been working on, pretty creepy huh? :stuck_out_tongue:
Time to create: about 1 hour

(Goofster) #2

yeah, the lack of shadow is really scarry :wink:
looks pretty cool. but it needs something more. I can’t really see the cloth touching the table/floor

(Haunted-House) #3

There fixed shadows and added graine. It’s much better now!
I cant believe I let the shadow problem go by, thanks goofster!

(pofo) #4

Scary :o
My dishcloth is starting to look a bit like that, guess it’s time to get a new.

The reason it looks so angry is probably that it’s got a tooth through it’s tongue. At least it looks that way.

  1. pofo

(Haunted-House) #5

Another update it’s even better now!

Yeah gotta fix the teeth now…my work is never done… 8)

(Haunted-House) #6

Ha, teeth problem fixed! Looks good now, thanks everyone for the constructive comments! Anymore problems, bring…it…on! :smiley:

(harkyman) #7

I didn’t see it before you fixed it, but it looks great now. The color map for the blood around the eyes and on the tongue is subtle and good. It’s a nice composition.

Maybe we need to have a flesh-eating linens contest.

(Haunted-House) #8

Here are two textures I handcrafted (in photoshop)
you can have them(They are sized down though)
The cloth and tounge: 8)

(Bentagon) #9

from now on, I’ll think twice before leaving my laundry alone :wink:

(dickie) #10

pretty morbid.

but, a very cool idea.
the tongue is my favorite part about him.