muting sound in game engine

how can i mute the sound in the game engine using python?
i found something to mute a single sound-actuator, but i want to mute the whole game. is this possible?

Wouldn’t the user just mute their computer?
You could do this with a Boolean property,
If true and — then play it, if false and — don’t play it.

yeah, i know. but HOW can I mute it when the property is false?
I mean something like “getAllSoundActuators” oder something (but don’t know if this exists), and then mute all of them. Like i said, i know how to mute ONE actuator with python, but i dont want to align that script for every single sound-actuator in the game.
is there a method to get all sound-actuators? or anything else to mute the sound of the blender game engine or all sound-actuators?
EDIT: no, you would not just mute the computer if you want to listen to music while playing. anyway, there is an option for this in almost every other game.