Mutual Artistic Respect logo?

(acasto) #1

Hey, I don’t know if anyone remembers the conversation back a little while. But the idea of Mutual Artistic Respect was just a little idea we had as a more artistic version of the copyright. I’ve seen some sites that will take a whole paragraph just to explain if you take their stuff they’ll hunt you down. What the Mutual Artisitc Respect idea is, instead of just posting a broad copyright and locking down everything (including HTML code, structure, graphics, etc.), it would say what you allow and encourage people to use freely, and what you don’t want them to use or at least ask permission for. It dosn’t do anything more than the copyright, only to help promote a feeling of mutual respect between artists.

I believe that artists should hold dear to them they’re individual artistic works. Such as graphics, poems, stories, animations, etc… But the modern copyright seems so cold and unforgiving towards everything, including how someone might place some HTML. Now if your artistic talent is web design, then let people know that. But if your talent is 3D art, or poetry, then why not let someone use or learn from your HTML code.

I’m not sure if this makes any sense, but for those that like the idea, I’m looking for a logo. It would just be something little and simple. I was thinking perhaps of something that symbolized artistic expression and creativity in general. If anyone has any ideas, please post them.

thanks :smiley:

(valarking) #2

this sounds alot like communisim, it works perfectly in a perfect society. well, give it a try because it sounds quite beneficial to modern day society, but make sure there’s some ways to prevent it from being abused.

(Titus) #3

The oposite of copyright is copyleft (idea from Richard Stallman), very different from communism.

(mrmunkily) #4

and that’s funny because all copylefts are also copyrights!

the difference between copyleft and communism is that copyleft works within the copyright system.

communism dosen’t work within the capitalist system. that and the fact that info can be duplicated.

(acasto) #5

How can someone even put copyleft and communisim in the same sentence. There is absolutely no simularities. It would be like if I started talking about carpet and cheese…

There is no reason this should not work, it is a copyright with exclusions. Instead of people just smuggly putting a copyright up, and saying ‘take it and die’, it will still allow users to copyright their stuff, but just define what they don’t mind someone using.

Here is some logo’s, curtsey of NateTG

(xitnalta) #6

Could it be possible that such things as the permissive copyright notices on and the Design Science License at could be suitable for that purpose? I didn’t read the DSL (yet), but I think no license forbids you, the copyright holder, to exclude stuff from it. (Ok, copyleft is a bit difficult on that matter, but it is still possible.)


(Titus) #7

Mhhh, no. Difference between copyleft and communisn is very simple, comunism is a production model and copyleft only the way you protect your production. Linux works in a copyleft model, if Linux is a communist model where do you see the state controlling the production, distribution and consumption of the products?

What is really funny is you are scare of the word “communism”, something very far from the mind of Richard Stallman.

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I know I don’t, and I doubt most artists want to step in the boundaries of GNU with their work. It’s great for what it does, but like everything else, is not the best for all. I think artists need something different, because we all share a common bond through art. We want to protect our works, yet not be too hostile and restrictive with things. Just like in firewalling and ACLs, sometimes it is best to do an implicit deny all, then specify the permissions allowed.

(xitnalta) #9

I know I don’t, and I doubt most artists want to step in the boundaries of GNU with their work.[/quote]

Other than the link, which is quite irrelevant in this discussion, I didn’t say anything about GNU here! The permissive copyright notices that are everywhere on at the bottoms of the pages say:

Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

I also use that on all my websites.

And on, you will find a license that implements copyleft in a more general way than the GNU GPL does. Read . If I should finally decide to have a website on, I would read that license, because I want to start publishing stuff that is far away from being a program. (Ok, I could learn PostScript, which is used to print stuff out, but actually is a programming language (there’s even a webserver implemented in PostScript!) … what to think about that case? :wink: )