Muzzle Flashes


I work at a private high school, so when I heard that some of the students in our Film fine art were making a movie featuring guns I was horrified…

No, just kidding. What I thought about was how I could help make it more realistic.

The following video is some excerpts from their (funny) 20-minute gangster film which features some effects done in Blender - muzzle flashes, an explosion, etc. It is an MP4, about 26 Megabytes. You’ll probably want to right-click on the link, “save link as” to your computer, and play it in VLC.

Here are some stills, in case you don’t want to download the above video.

Cheers, Harley


post it on you tube. Short attention span today’s days that no time to download files. You will get then more comments.:spin: