My 10 month progress in learning blender from scratch

A Small suggestion from a budding artist. The blender layout at first may seem pretty intimidating and might give an impression of making us wonder if at all this complex layout with yet a simple looking default cube could help us create so wonderful and breathtaking real world objects.

Do not get bogged down, Yes, this awesome and free software has all the capabilities of meeting the industry standards in creating a catchy 2D and realistic looking 3D cinemas. Start practicing with simple real world shapes and slowly switch over to hard surface shapes in order to attain expertise in modelling.

On gaining expertise in modelling, start and practice with the shading/compositing and then finally the animation. Though this is not exhaustive, blender has got many more features to offer, like sculpting , VFX etc., Hope to master them eventually

Do let me know how exciting has your journey been in learning Blender.