my 1st blender model

this is my 1st blender model its a kind of low polly base for a game im making, just wanna know if this ok for animating, never animated before… i tryedd to mirror game models ive seen befor,

It depends on the kind of motion you are going to have him do (maybe provide more details for others to help too). Generally speaking though you may want to re-examine his joints, I suspect they will give you troubles. It’s a good start!

Also a little tip, check out this button:


well hmmm i need to put in like bone thing yeah? i seen one tutorial lol, i know it involves something like that, i need to animate, stuff like running, attacks general game type of animations, gun shooting, spell casting, and theres also one part with a sky battle, so some sky diving type animation, also spawning wing animations… but that last one might seem a bit too hard lol, we’ll see,

I’d say take a look at some modelling tutorial, like (taught me lots) and read something about topology. Not bad for a first model, but this won’t animate well. You can also look at, I remember seeing some topolygy tutorials there too.

Try to get rid of some of the random triangles in it. It will help animation.

how do you make stuff like that!? i’ve tried several different ways and still can’t model a low poly human like that.


Triangles are evil , avoid them …
I have found this tut very helpful , I hope you’ll 2

good luck