My 1st playable game : Simple Side scrolling game

Hi,Today I’m here to announce my journey to my first playable game made in Blender,initially the idea came from me struggling with the new character physics type ,this game me an idea to create a very simple game where it can be fun even when very limited due to some unresolved issues :evilgrin:.So we shall see how it goes…

Current Playable Prototype

Type of game

Currently just old good plain platformer sidecroller made with logic bricks

Graphics vs Gameplay

One thing which I’ve learned is that its best starting with gameplay rather than graphics so for this project the initial stages will all be full of not very pretty looking assets or levels.
But I plan on keeping the game very low poly and use a mixture of 3d and 2d objects(I will also upload concept arts :wink: )

Character Concept art
Hi,concept art showing new character for the game ,the current story of the game is :
This little ghost objective is to collect all the stolen candies from the evil witch who stole all the candies from hallovile ,your mission is to find and collect all the candies and run away from the evil witch .
The main character has a huge and heavy bag which constrains his capabilities but he has a sting which allows him to jump very far.

Hi,(This is a rough test,not a complete prototype level).Hint find the ‘green cube’ and go to the yellow cube.

A/D =move left and right
W= jump


Main focus of this quick test blend was to see how jumping and puzzles feels,next will be enemies and maybe fighting mechanics.
Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.

I’ve just played it, and the controls are really good, it is fun.
Good luck with your game.

PS, your concept art looks so good man…

Looks good for a first game! Keep up good work:)

Looking good!

@hilkojj Thank you ,I’m glad it was fun and easy to play,if you like it I will try to post more concept arts for the game.
@nilshaha123|@ NID Graphics Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey ,Today I did a quick experimentation with the in game level’s lights and I think this might have some potential in terms of helping the players find hidden puzzles in the level by looking at where the light source is coming from.What do you guys think ?

Very good ! It’s fun to play.

@threedslider Thank you :slight_smile: ,any feedback to make it more fun (I know that its very very early in development )

Also Today I will be posting few updates on the game currently working on :

Gameplay features
Small performance improvements
Modelling new character and Playing around with the game artwork.

It is so kewt!

Looks really good!!

@RockyMadio Thanks,but not sure whether I want to keep the cuteness or move to something more realistic and dark for this project.
@ReidBlender Thank you :slight_smile:

Small Update
Now the first level rough design is completed .Now I will need to clean the gameplay and start adding details and actual 3D models into the game.