My 20th Centy fox intro ended up 20sec blackscreen?


I tryed to make an 20th Centry fox intro with my own signature.
the editing work ok. After 18 hour rendring I was exiting to open the final fox file. but it work out black screen. What went wrong??


Unless you provide more information you’ll never get an answer, unless you really expect people now to guess and roll out the 1000 things that could have gone wrong.


One thing it sounds like you did wrong was forgetting to hop around the timeline and do a few still renders to see what it looked like. (it is possible you actually did do this, and something further down the pipeline, such as a mixup in the VSE was the cause of the problem. If this is the case it is certainly a key clue for us).

Also, it sounds like you are rendering directly to a video format. Generally it is a better idea to render to .png files and use the VSE to compile them into the video format as a separate step.


Hi i just follow this youtube link and thougth it was plug and play
but it was not

I just follow this youtube tutorlial and tougth it was plug and play
but it wasen`t for me, but for many others.

But thanks for answer


Try posting your .blend to and then telling us the ID it gives you so we can look at it (I’d say upload it here, but you do not yet have enough posts, and I’d say paste the whole URL instead of only the ID, but I think it would not let you give URLs because you do not have enough posts!).