My 2D artwork

Hello, I want to show You some of my 2D works here, hope You will like it :slight_smile:
Most recent image (for thumbnail):

Another work, made with Krita :slight_smile:

Fantasy landscape with Krita:

Another fantasy landscape :slight_smile:

Some of my new images, hope You like it :slight_smile:

My another, new work :

I like the color palettes, interesting compositions

Thank You Craig, I’m glad You like it. :slight_smile:

Another fantasy creature, made with Krita

This sketch book is full of win. I love the colours and lighting in your latest post

Thanks, I appreciate it! :slight_smile: More images soon :slight_smile:

A few characters this time :slight_smile:

Concept art :slight_smile:

Sci-fi scene :slight_smile:

Nice work man! Some great stuff in here :slight_smile:

Some really awesome art here, keep it up Graphos.

Graphos you’ve got some great work here

Wow…!! it’s a great work. I like it very much. The colors are well. I think, you only love dangerous,horrifying pictures. Do well for your next drawing.

wokjow, marylucas, Galileo90 - thanks ! I’m really glad You like it :slight_smile:
This time a few of my new works, in cartoon style:

And a few more: