MY 6 Years in Blender (Video compilation)


Hi Everyone,
I would like to share compilation of my “work” in Blender i did over last six years with you. I made it all black and white to match everything better (and save myself some time with color tweaking) ok, thats the main reason:). Hope you enjoy that.

Im glad for any feedback. Thank you.

Original animations are in colour and can be found here if interested:


Good record of one’s learning history!

Might have to start keeping my files (backups?) I enjoyed the real, and black and white worked well. Gratz on 6 years.


Dude, that is deep and beautiful!

Good choice w black and white. The music is excellent also. Enjoyable to watch.

Congrats man! Reeaaaaaalllllll cooooooooolll :slight_smile:

Congratulations! This compilation is fantastic! I hope to be at that level someday :slight_smile: 1 month down! 5 years and 11 months to go. I have so much to learn :slight_smile: This is super inspiring. Thank you!

Very awesome

Nice work! I like how you synced the animations with the music.

I have been using blender for three years now. Maybe I will get around to making animations sometime in the next three.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. cheers.