My animation reel - please give feedback

I’ve been working on my animation reel. Here is my latest animation. I’ll use this thread to notify of updates, and hopefully to eventually say that I’ve found a job!

Please leave your constructive feedback either here or on my Vimeo page.
Thank you

The rock needs more detail imho and maybe a little more at the end and have the little guy get all mad and throw the handle or something.

I saw this the other day, real nice!

IMO, the rock example currently has quite a few issues still:

  • around frames 120-150: the looking around action needs more polish (perhaps some overlap or continuation of movement, as he currently reaches a pose and stops dead)
  • around frame 429: the pulling of the sword looks completely unnatural, especially the way that his arms seem almost twisted together in some strange hold above his head. I don’t really like the staging here much either…
  • when he finally breaks the sword, it looks a bit too effortless (he didn’t seem to use much effort)

Nice like the idea.
Got a little crit though. When the sword is halfway out, I think he should fall back or somthing. It doesent seem right as he is leaned forward the whole time. It makes the animation a bit unnatural. Also you must keep in mind how his balance is when holding and breaking the sword.

Thank you RedJay, Yes I probably should model a decent stone :stuck_out_tongue:
As for the ending, I’m not sure where to stop it. The whole thing was done straight-ahead, and it could go on indefinitely.

They are all good points Aligorith, and some of them agree with what others have told me. I’ll take it on board. Thanks!

Looking all right!

I think it could use some polishing but otherwise it’s quite good.
I have one big crit though:

The head seems to look weird and stiff through the entire animation,
like its not really connected to the body. You should use the neck
bone a little more. I would also tweak the facial animation a bit,
try to keep him in character. The different expressions you do,
seem to fit different characters.

But in general, fine work.

In an earlier version I did attempt just that. I had him stumbling back, but it was looking a bit too extreme in the context (probably due to my animation skills). It’s a good suggestion. I think I would have persisted with it if I was better :slight_smile: Thanks!

Watching it again I see what you mean about the head. I know there are a lot of glitches crying for a few more passes. It’s good to know which ones stand out the most through another person’s eyes. Thanks for the crit!

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