My Animation shifted rotation & position, Help!

I was animating a walk cycle and had it finished. I was about to save it as an fbx to import into unity. I was cleaning up old actions or actions that were created by accident.

I clicked on a camera action that I had created by accident, and my walk animation appeared at the location and rotation of the camera. I didn’t think much of it, thinking my walk animation would snap back into its correct location. I deleted the camera action, and saved my file and closed blender.

When I opened blender again my animation was still intact, but the location & rotation were still messed up.

Does anyone know how to get my entire animation back @ 0,0,0 without screwing it up. It obviously possible since it move, animation intact, to begin with.

In the image above you can see everything moved about 5 units up and about 11 units forward & rotated.

Please help!

First save a backup of your file. Assuming you don’t have a root bone (which you really should have) you can solve this by using the graph editor.

Click the magnifying glass and select the magnifying glass and type rot. The rotation channels will be shown. You will probably have a ton of them so you can type “x rot” to only show the x rotation for all of the bones. I’m guessing the x rotation is wrong by the way. When you have filtered by x rot, select all of the keyframes and drag them along the y axis (g y) until it looks correct. Zoom in even more and get it exactly where it should be (in my test case at the origin).

Next filter by y loc and repeat the process. The keyframes should probably be in the origin at the first frame. Then do the same thing for the remaining location keyframes. Do them one axis at a time though. After doing this your animation should be fine.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I used rigify (then added IK bones), so no it didn’t have a root bone.

On the flip side, I wasn’t able to figure it out using your instructions. Thank you though.

The way I solved it was by complete accident, and really a no brainer (and I’m pretty stupid because i didn’t think of it first).

In object mode I selected everything and just rotated it and dragged it back to where it needed to be. As opposed to what I was doing previously, which was trying this same method, but doing it in pose mode (with auto key framing off).

Gee no wonder it wouldn’t work.

Thank your for your time, effort & answer. :slight_smile: