My Animations: Elephants and Tortoises

Hi, I’m new on blenderartists, but I’ve been working with blender for about 2 years.

I work alone on my animations, so I do all the modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, rendering and compositing by myself. :spin:

I’ve made a number of animations since I started, but not all of them were a success:(, mainly because I had no clue how it all worked:confused:. I’d like to showcase the 2 that did work here:

#1: Small
Made entirely in blender, and rendered in Cycles. I finished this one about a year ago. I found it quite hard, and a few times I thought ‘Forget this, I’ve had enough!:ba:.’ But I failed to give up, so here it is:

#2: Terry
Also made in blender, but rendered in Blender Internal. To be honest, I prefer Cycles, because I find it hard to get halfway decent results in BI. He started off just as a character, but I made him a story, so now he’s happy:

I’ve almost finished a third one, so I’ll post it when it’s finished

Comments and crits welcome!

Nice textures, modeling, story telling. The turtle looks great. Welcome to BA

That’s foul play, man. That cat should have been disqualified or punished or something! It was a good animation, but the dark parts of the scene gives a telltale indication that it was done in Cycles. That’s pretty good for 2 years time, but try and get rid of the grain.

Thanks kazinger, I love doing animals!

XeroShadow, thank you. The grain is because my computer can’t do more samples than this without it taking fooooreeeeveeeeer! I’ll try to get rid of the dark bits next time.

Anyway, my newest one’s done. Here it is. Rendered in Cycles.

Hope you like it!