My Ant's Butt Don't Look Right

I am creating my first semi-decent character with blender to use in several small projects. I have finished modeling (apart from eyelids) and texturing and am, I think, halfway through rigging.
So, I just got round to assigning the ant’s butt to the tail-bone in the armature, and his whole bottom half went sideways!! :eek:
Can anybody help me?


I don’t think an ant’s legs are attached to their Abdomen. Look for pics of ants on the web.

it’s not a real ant. ant’s don’t have big white eyes with black pupils or a normal mouth or fingers, either. It’s a cartoon character. The problem is his big butt. It was fine until I assigned the butt to the butt-bone! Please try to ignore anatomical correctness. Try to imagine it being a person in an ant-costume. Sort of. Thanks :wink:

You don’t have X-Ray bones on so it’s hard to say. It seems though, that your butt is a seperate Object and it’s Axis isn’t alligned with the axis of the tail Bone.


It isn’t separate. All part of a single mesh. Not all necessarily connected, but all one mesh nonetheless.
I’d like to thank the two participants for their assistance. It seems the problem occured because I was trying to be clever in using B-bones and segmenting the tail bone into 5 pieces. This caused strange roll angles. I got rid of the segments, and everything is back to it’s cool normalness. :smiley: