my armature keeps moving to a new spot after each complete walk cycle. HELP!

I have an armature for a model of a dragon that I’ve created a walk cycle for. The offset bone is animated moving forward as the dragon moves forward. The offset bone is in the center of the dragon controlling the body. So if I move it forward, the dragon leans forward, and backwards if I move the bone back. After creating the walk cycle I made an NLA strip from it and designated what was to be the offset bone. My walkcycle is 48 frames long and I set the whole sequence to be 96 frames in the NLA editor. The whole walk cycle repeats twice. But the problem is that after going through the walkcycle once, the whole armature moves up a bit and then repeats the walkcycle instead of continuing from where it left off. Anyone know how to fix this?

Make sure your Strip is an NLA strip and not an Action by toggling the icon at left and in the NLA window’s Transform Tab click Hold.


I’m sorry. I tried that. Here’s a link to the file:

You did not apply scale and rotation (ctrl a) to the armature before doing the animation. You can do so now to the armature as an object and you will see the walk “jump” clears up.
The walk itself will have to be redone as the rotational values for the bones will now be different.

I would also suggest clearing the bones roll in edit mode before continuing.