My Art Thread

All In the title, Criticise if you want to, I really want togrow as an artist. There will be more to come, I don’t know how to wrok a scanner, so there are with the families camera.
Wolf is one of my first drawings, done from a grid tho. I composed the original in Photoshop. The swirly abstract thing is just something I like to do. And the Turtle Clock is a photogram, from Photo class.


The wolf is by far your best piece, i keep going back to that one the most. I also like the abstract design too, i think that one shows some really good composition and design. I personally am not digging the turtle as much and i think that’s because its almost too simple. Its not really bad it just doesn’t have anything that pops out. All of you pieces tend to feel a little flat, i don’t feel any depth. That’s not so much a problem with the abstract and the turtle but the wolf is really suffering be cause of that. The shading on the wolf is too even. Back and kept going working on it or started another piece like it you should really work on pushing back the shading and really making something pop out to give it some nice depth. I totally think you should keep working on your shading and your abstract designs. :yes:

Just out of curiosity what did you use for the wolf, is that pencil. And i was also wondering how much teaching you’ve had in art, because i could suggest some really kick @ss books and tutorials for you to look at if you want.

That one with the spirals is quite neat - I like your use of colours. I played around with GIMP recently and discovered that you can do spirals with such ease … … although have them done in an instant kind of takes away the relaxation/individuality of doing something like what you have presented. I can see your many minutes as you drew that, and coloured it.

@ Irowebot - Thank you, I am quite proud of the wolf, but to be honest, it wasn’t drawn out of my head. I head composed it in photoshop with a few different images. Looking at the turtle again, I can see why you call it flat. I guess its true when you look at your artwork your eyes fix it up for you. I’ve defintly been working on shading, I’m not sure if i’ve improved tho.I find it really tideous looking for diferent tones. I’ll defintly try recreating the wolf image again.
It was done in pencil, and I dont think it was a good idea but i outline everything in pen. I only started art last year, or last semester, and the wolf was drawn in the beggining of that class. I’d love any recommendations you could give me, and I’ll post the original wolf image.

@kbot - Thank you, I started working on another one today in physics, I’ll get that up here as soon as i get more colour into it. I’ll have to take a look at GIMP, or see if I can figure out something like that in Ps.
It would definetly be a timesaver! lol

alright, first image is the original wolf picture, and its alot easier to draw wih something in front of you, so I contribute that to why its so good for an emerging artist. It was made up of the wolf, sky, moon, and lakew/mountains. And to draw it i just mirroed it so it wasnt an exact reproduction. That moon was way to detailed to shade and draw tho!

The shoe is next, a sketchbook assignment. Draw you shoe from 3 diferent angle. Done in pencil, the could all use more work but they got the assignment across.

Finally, the person sleeping was for our assignment “realistic figure, everyday activity”. I wish I could say it was from life. But i found the image somewhere on google. I didnt shade the wall to much on the right, and the dresser was difficult.

I should definetly start drawing from life, instead of reference images.


I am quite proud of the wolf, but to be honest, it wasn’t drawn out of my head

Thats totally ok if a work is inspired by something, and its totally ok for you to copy something if your studying it as long as you don’t pass it as yours. All the greats have copied someone from time to time, i know i do it. And if you got rid of inspired works you wouldnt have much art at all.

Since you just started seriously making art i would definitly start by picking up a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards . It is a fantasic book if your just starting out. Half of learning how to draw is learning how to see, the other half is getting your hand to do what you tell it. That book really helps with both, but especially the first half. I suggest start there. Also use tracing paper, nothing wrong with tracing a masters work to help you. And if you tell me what your interested in drawing i can point you to more books.

And last the reason i asked if it was in pencil is cause you can get some amazing results in pencil. Here are two pieces Cerberus and Kali from my favorite artist both in pencil. They inspired me to do my own. I just think if they can do it i can do it.

Nice wolf, and Irowebot, nice pencil work from you too.

On the subject of book recommendations, I advise that you read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain first (it really helped me, and more importantly, increased my self-confidence). After you have checked that out, Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling is a good one to look at, and I also highly recommend all of Andrew Loomis’ books. They are out of print now, but they are available in .pdf or on, whichever you prefer. I have been reading Loomis’ books lately, and man, he is a true inspiration, giving fantastic advice. Good work, and I can’t wait to see more.

Cheers and God bless.

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling is a good one to look at, and I also highly recommend all of Andrew Loomis’ books.

Yes both are excellent. I forgot about Loomis. How could i forget Loomis!

@Irowebot, I couldn’t find a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain, at school or my library, Chapters is next to look around in. I looked on the website tho, and the before and after pictures are pretty impressive. I’d rather use a grid instead of tracing paper, and as far as subject matter, I’m not really sure. Just working on school assighments at the moment, we have one every week, but I usually do them all at the end of the month xD
So well see what happens in the summer.
Those pieces from Todd Lockwood are really amazing, as well as yours. I wasn’t aware you could get such a look with pencil.

@Pomper, I couldnt find a ocpy of Perspective made easy, but I found a samply on google. Way better and straightforward then art class.Haven’t looked up Loomis yet, searched on google tho, very nice.

First, the Ecuadorian flag, first try using pencil crayons. I’m not very happy with it. But i’ll go back at work on it eventually.
Second, me clay scultpture, combine three animals: Turtle Shell, Shark Head,Scorpian Tail. Clay was a lot of fun to work with, but because of time i finished things a little sloppy. Coiling takes a lot of time, I couldve made the head more slipstreamed, and maybe added teeth as well. Glazing/Painting it took one class, should have made those … turtle texture, pentagons more bold.
Last, “through a crack in the wall”, got really fed up with this one, and just rushed thorugh to finish the assignment. I like the idea though.



I like the new pieces, the turtle is awesome! If you can find most of these books from amazon, but if you can afford them yet, just keep practicing 'till you can. Another book i found that is a must have is called The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri. Now its not a “learn to draw” type of book, its more motivational. Robert Henri was a world famous artist that was more famous for his teaching approach than his art, The Art Spirit is a collection of his teachings letters and sayings. Here’s a good short quote that i found.

Originality: Don’t worry aboutyour originality. You could not get rid of it even if you wanted. It will stick to you and show you up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do.

Ok one more.

Use the ability you already have, and use it, and use it and make it develop itself.

you’ll be impressed with the sculpture im doing this semester, it’s a bust and I’m going to recreate Michealangelo’s Moses, or maybe make a copy of my alien that I worked on with blender. I have a good start, I’m at the neckline right now. but i dont think it’ll be fired and glazed until next month, possibly june.
and don’t worry, I feel confident about my ability, and I enjoy art a lot, and I know I’ll keep getting better in time, just like blender/computer animation.

I’m hoping some people are into traditional photography, our new unit is dealing with motion, blur, freeze, pan, and some light writing. Fun Stuff
Not sure what to shoot exactly tho, anyone have any ideas?
I’ve got a few,
Blur - someone running?
Freeze - Spinning Coin/Top
Pan - Definetily gonna try and flag down a motocycle
LightWrie/Painting- using a sparklestick, making spirals and wlaking away or towrds the camera, should look nice
KMost of these ideas are pretty simple tho, so I ask you guys .

And just so theres still some artwork, heres a wip/sneakpeak of metamorphasis, i think thats about 4 hours in, used a reference picture of Van Helsing, (awesome movie i thought), but i cant seem to find it again, and a few pictures from the wolf man Still needs a lot of work, his arms dont show the kind of pain i imagined, and then i have to blend each side together contrast wise, his…anatomy is bugging me as well.


alright I need some help
making a painting for my CCA/ISU in art class
painting with oil, yay~
i need some help, anyone wanna do a paint over?
i can’t draw a wolf leaping, ends up to small or to big, or wacky poses
ive been looking at some proportion guides but their not helping me much

and here’s the sort of pose im going for

will be posting more art SOON, terms almost over x]


I really don’t know how to help you but I think it’s a good practice to make thumbnails of the image you want to do before putting yourself in a lot of trouble trying to draw a big image of something you are still not so sure about. Once you have a thumbnail that you think would make a good drawing or painting, scale it.


yeah thats a better idea,
i was trying to skip that step by trying to make an equal grid across a few different pictures
then i couldnt figure out how to match this last part
i’ll see what i come up with later

Well i managed to finsih that wolf, and its been moved to my canvas
i’ll get a picture of that tomorrow maybe
but i left my sketchbook at school, so here’s something else ive got on me
its supposed to be a centrepiece for my oil painting, im not really satisified with it tho
so its subject to change
this piece is gonna be about 6 inches on my canvas
and i think the canvas is 20x40in
SEVEN days to paint it
wish me luck


well heres the best i could do with my canvas
pretty hard to piece togther bad pictures
it’ll loook a lot better once its painted
still have to change some proportions
and might change the horzin line in the top section

this painting is supposed to be my illustration of
“our deepest fear”
“road less travelled”
and, things like that
afraid to shine, stray away from the norm, etc.
the wolf, which is going to be …elabortaely decorated, is supposed to be a symbol of ones potential, and of course, the person afraid to use it
the right section, where the wolf is on top of him (probably gonna need to enlarge this)
is where the lines been crossed, the character has realized he has to accept it, he starts fighting back
left section, he’s got the elaborate design of the wolf on him, and he’s taking the hard road,
others look on admiringly, and i’ll probably show one running after him, maybe even one coming back from the straight easy road

the sky is gonna be very key in this as well, lighting storm, to tornado/raging storm, to finally a clearing sky

and the design in the post above is just to imply motion, in the clockwise direction, which im hoping will be effective with how ive divided my canvas

well my paitnings has pretty much gone nowhere this wkend, all i managed to do was block out some colours
this piece is for photography class
draw the negative of a picture, then make itpositive
supposed to just be b&w, but i like how it looks when you scan it in =]


Eh! Looks nice, specially those in the right column.

More Stuff in a day or two
probly scan in the previous pics as well


flash killed some of my shadows, still a WIP…getting bored of it though