My Asteroid

This is a Asteroid I made in blender. I followed the blender guru tutorial so I did not really make it all by my self. There’s a few things I need to fix like all the little rocks disappearing at the end. I just wondered if you guys at the forums had any tips/feed back for me. I’m not that good with blender yet but I’m still learning. Also there is no sound effects yet.

The video is down.

That’s weird. It works for me.

I saw it but, there’s not enough stars and did the rocks go through the asteroid?

The rocks didn’t go through the asteroid but it does kinda look that way. I didn’t put any stars in it because with the particles it looks weird. Is there any thing else you think needs work?

You could use a space back drop to compliment the animation a bit more and get rid of the tiny rocks if they don’t really have a purpose in the animation.

I’m new to this myself but it seems it’s a matter of context since you are tracking the large rock and there are only it and the small ones in the scene plus the camera it’s hard to gauge the relations between them. Maybe if you pulled in from farther away so you could get a better sense of the path of the asteroid and a view of general overall shape of the cluster of small rocks? Or have some of the smaller ones collide with it and bounce of or shatter or something you could get a sense of the weight or velocity, or put something larger in the “background” like the light source that’s illuminating everything. The rocks look good to me though. I dunno It could just be that’s a general problem with objects in space everything is based off relative references.

XeroShadow: I’m working on adding a space backdrop.

Ocyd: Thank’s, I’ll try to make one of the little rocks collide with the big rock.

I’m not sure exactly how you did this, whether your little asteroids are actually modelled rocks or a particles system set to emit as a group of rocks.
However, some of them suddenly disappear before the cam pans away. They should stay on the screen longer than that.
If they are an emitted group of particles, be sure to set the Lifetime of the particles to a higher number, at least as high as the final frame of the animation. You don’t want them to die before the animation ends…
If they are not particles, but instead are actually objects, then they are falling beyond the Far Clip Ends of the camera, and that is why they disappear. Select your camera, go to the Camera Properties panel, find the parameter for Far Clip End, and slide it WAY up. The default is “100” (blender units, I believe…) You can slide it WAY higher than that, and it won’t have any effect on render times. I frequently use camera Far Clipping Ends of sixty miles, even more.
Other than that, this is a cool asteroid clip.
But, as others have said, I’d go with a starry backdrop. It’s not hard to do, regardless of whether you did this in BI or Cycles. If all else fails, NASA is perfectly happy to let you use some of their Hubble images. You helped pay for them with your taxdollars…

Thank’s Adam. It is a particles system. I saw the rocks disappear at the end, I’ll change the lifetime. Were is the camera properties panel? I have had that problem in the past with other renders.