My ATI card died

:frowning: No blender for few weeks now.

When I push a power button on a computer fans spin for a split second and then there is no response. If I take a card out and try to boot it that way it starts up.

Oh well, at least ill end up buying a card that has some good drivers available for it.

So, can anybody recommend a good PCI Express X16 card?

What did you type that with?

What beeps if any are you getting?

There were no beeps. I got a different card for a little money so im all set now.

@ShnitzelKiller, I wrote it on my gf’s laptop.

I hope you used something erasable, she might not like it there.

Lol! At least you were right where you wanted to be!

Go for Nvidia! ATI doesent work that well with glsl and som other important 3d stuff (directX?).