My attempt at ArchViz

(Nathanclark) #1

Hi, heres an attempt at making an ArchViz piece with Blender and Cycles

(Horizon) #2

Impressive work, i like the materials and the mood.
The only thing that bothers me is the vertical distortion of the building, i guess because of your camera settings.

Keep up making ArchViz images.

(Bostonawy) #3

Good Job, i really like these walls, calm place. The only thing i don’t like here is window on the left, my eyes stick to it i don’t know why.


The image sets an interesting mood. I agree with Horizon’s comment…I would adjust the vert. distortion in Photoshop. It can be done in about 10 seconds and will appear more realistic to how human eyes would see the building from this angle. Here is a link to a nice tutorial on fixing the distortion:

(zachThePerson) #5

Really nice materials. I actually disagree with the others, I think the weird distortion kind of adds to it :slight_smile:

However, for most Arch-Viz, it’s a general rule of thumb to never tilt the camera up or down, unless you are going for some really “Out-there” type shot.

(Kungfupixels) #6

Awesome render. Lighting and materials are great! :slight_smile:

(Nathanclark) #7

Thanks for the comments. I didn’t realise that keeping the camera vertically straight was a key part of ArchViz so I’ll work on this for next time

(Ghasemmollahasa) #8

great render and i can’t get any problem about your render special for build,
But environment need a few more work for make better render,

(theoldghost) #9

Speaking of the distortion are you using the default 35mm lens by any chance.

(groch) #10

Great modeling and use of materials. It looks more like a real commission piece than an attempt. The only thing that I would work on a little more is the environment around the house - it looks a little more CGI than the house itself (which looks very realistic). I would love to see more, keep up the good work!

(Nathanclark) #11

Thanks dude, It’s the first time I’ve tried Archviz properly. I also agree that the scene in the background doesn’t look as real as the building, organic modelling is hard lol. I think I’ll try and work on that for next time.

(Jens Hendriks) #12

That’s because he didn’t put anything like trees/hills on the places that were out of the frame. Behind the camera, the ground is probably flat and has nothing on it, which explains why on such a low angle, the sky is still the only thing being reflected in that window. I would say, put a few trees back there and the render is perfect!

(marckiener) #13

wow! really nice. Just was curious how you get such great lighting, is it an HDR, sun lamp or something else. Please get back to me.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #14

Very nice. Very different to the usual archviz.
I love it!

(einarparker) #15

There is the much simpler trick to get straight lines in your archiviz render. It an equivalent of putting a shift lens on any camera. You also do not need to do anything in the post and save yourself cropping the image. It is done in camera settings and you can see the change live in render mode or any mode. As on the picture you need to adjust Y axis and then adjust the camera in your scene to have the same composition. These are settings I used in my Utsuba Park House render. I really like yours thou. It pops into your eyes straight away, due to contrast and amazing light. Even the background sort of disappears and lack of development in that area is not so bad. A Nice background would have enhanced whole picture but you already know about it :wink: It is really great render. I love it.

(foxrender) #16

OMG, it looks so nice. How long did you rendered it?:spin: