My audio play really FAST when i scrub/render FFMPEG

Hi, ya’ll.

i did the usual, added the audio in the sequence editor.
But when i scrub my audio play really fast, even when i scrub by just one frame, it play audio of more that a second, really fast. like the chipmunks.

I started a new scene and just added audio and it still does the same thing, i guess there must be some setting i am missing, it not the scenes, just blender settings.

A heads up would be much appreciated.


check you have it on the correct rate

44.1 kHz/48.0 kHz

and hit recalc

any help?

No, the recalc thing definitely changes what i hear, but its still playing really really fast.
just scrubbing by a frame, and it goes wild.

this might help if i was doing a chipmunks thing but, fuck, not now blender, not now.

Any more suggestions?

what format is your audio in
format and sample rate

you may have to convert before you import

The audio is fine, its a .wav file
running at 44.1 kHz
16 bit
file size: 45MB

it plays fine when i load it as a sample in the Sound panel. plays nice.
Mem cache: 512MB

more ideas please!

what is your frame rate set at?

my frames rate is at 25 fps.

thanks for your effort but fuck it. i am done.

I think i started having this problem after installing 2.49 a week ago, all my scenes that have audio now are playing like this. There must be some new funny button in 2.49 that wasn’t in 2.48?

I don’t know anymore.

make sure the frame base (next to the FPS) is set to 1

but does 2.48 still work?

I haven’t tried audio in 2.49 yet
but I haven’t heard any other people with this problem

what are your specs, OS etc

maybe it’s OS, or hardware specific

I’ll reinstall 2.48 like at 13:00(GMT+2) and test it out and then i’ll get back to the forum.

but either than that, I’ve got to move on. maybe i might find something interesting, but i would count on it.

thanks man.

This will probably get Waylow excited::eyebrowlift2:

I’ve reinstalled 2.48a - this was the version i created my scenes that have audio with.
Now, the scenes play fine with this version.

i tried with 2.49 and the audio plays fast when i scrub, surely there must be something “new”/weird in 2.49 in regard to audio.

I am tempted to pop the hood but i am under the clock at the moment, i have to finish this project i am busy with, maybe this weekend i’ll fish around to see exactly whats “new”/weird in 2.49.

Shit, i love solving problems.:yes:

Sorry to post in a month old thread, but I was wondering if there is a solution to this problem in 2.49a?

In the sequence editor and renders, video .avi files with mono uncompressed 8-bit PCM audio at 11024 Hz sample rate sound like a chipmunk on Red Bull caught in a solar flare during a ham radio convention. They played back fine in earlier Blender versions, but this is not a viable solution for me -I need to use 2.49a. Is this a problem with the sampling rate? waylong’s suggestion didn’t help me.