My avatar disappeared again!

A while back, I noticed that my avatar disappeared. I asked on the support board, and it quickly returned.

I changed it, then it’s disappeared… AGAIN. I’m not putting this up in the support board because I think I know why.

Mods, was it because it depicted a gun being shot? rather poorly animated, i might add Well, might I argue that it’s rather censored? Looking at it, does anyone see something like blood, or even a target? No. I didn’t think of a target then, and I didn’t include blood because… well, I don’t recall thinking about it. ( [!] All of my images lately have blood and gore. The WC entry was different; not much room for it.) It didn’t even include a background or smoke. It was barebones.

This reminds me of “Simone,” when Simone says “I think elementary schools should have shooting ranges. How else will children learn to defend themselves?” Heh. Anyway…

Mods, was it the gun being shot that deleted it?

Oh, and mods, whenever you do something like that, could you PM the somewhat-victim? It’s not right to just delete it like that.

Cubefan, as you’re in enough trouble at the moment (what with an e-mail from Theeth) I wouldn’t go about whining and complaining. You’ll just get yourself banned.

Actually, we usually PM asking for the user to change his avatar (or signature, depending on the case) if it contains offensive material, we only take personnal action as a last option.

That having been said, I didn’t do it, so maybe whoever did it would care to explain as I’m as curious as you are. (or maybe it’s just a glitch in phpBB, that could happen).


(or maybe it’s just a glitch in phpBB, that could happen).

hhehehe the perfect excuse!

oooh a mystery :o

gets out his trenchcoat, pipe and manifying glass

I am sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. I didn’t see your avatar so i won’t comment on it, but if i’m right, theeth’s avatar also has a gun in it :o :o



Maybe this is the beginning of the end of Cubefan? :stuck_out_tongue:

hope so lol

yeah but that’s because he has to give people into trouble and it looks more intimidating

Yup, it sure does, but it’s more of a threatening manner to me. Mine was really going off.

Im just a little curious here on another subject, Theeth, is that avatar you have there of Alucard from the Hellsing episodes?



hmm so still no sign of it? Why don’t you just reselect it as your avatar and then maybe it will stay…


Love that anime series.

I did it for fun!