my awesome blender minecraft animation

this is my awesome minecraft animation with blender. this was orginnaly started off and just little animation test but then i forgot what i was testing for and made this awesome animation cos i had so much fun it. so here it is


I’m glad you had fun, but overall, I didn’t like any of the parts where the characters went through the mesh. Work on ways for your characters to get around with out going through a mesh unless one of the characters is a ghost.

I’ll be honest - it’s awful video
You maybe think that if you can set a keyframe, then you can do animations of such level. It is delusion.
Find time and watch some great video tutorials - Keith Lango, Jason Ryan, AnimationMentor webinars and so on.

ok, well im not suprised that im getting a bit of critisism but i though this was pretty good for my first animation in blender. and yes i know about the characters going through the mesh, i was trying not to do that

I’m novice-animator too, but I’ve studied one of the basics - animation must be clear and simple, do not overcomplitate it. Tell ONE idea at a time, no more. Do not make us FIND what you wanted to say, it must be clear. Let’s return to your video.
Are they wanna kill themselves? Or they play bo-peep? There is conflict, but there is no reason (why are they hate each other?) and solving of it.


ok awesome thanks RIVIT

I don’t get all the criticism, quite obviously your a novice animator, but there are some things in general that shows great potential.
Your general sense of timing is very good for such a novice, the animations are not as slow and twitchy as beginners videos usually are.
The cloud scene is halfway there too, brighter clouds and a better horizon maybe, but the motion of the camera is perfect.
The timing on the title text is great too.
I would say you are a good animator but you lack technical skills in blender.
There are tons of stuff that can be better with this video but all in all i say its way better than most “my first video” posts.

I assume that you notice most stuff that is wrong with it, you just don’t know how to fix it.
Try a redux, this very simple topic is excellent for a beginner.
But try to stop and fix the rig before you animate, and perfect the animation before you move to the next shot.
Do a WIP thread and post your problems, hopefully you’ll get some good help on the way.
One last thing, i think a brighter lighting would help a lot, get that grass really saturated green, and a nice bright blue sky.
The allround desaturated colors was somewhat depressing, minecraft should be bright and happy

thanks @fredriklars for the awesome advice. ive really taken on board what you’ve said. good to see some people are being positive about it. i know i probably could have gone back and fixed a lot of it but some of it i felt i had gone to far to fix it properly. i had tried fixing some of it before but it just effected some part of my animation and made it looked stupid.

but thanks everyone for the awesome positiveness