My biggest scene so far

I wanna share this small example of my work and how fast its render with 3.0 and a monster machine.
This is one of the biggest scenes I did. 1:1rebuild of my office for a bigger 360° walktrough test.

6x pics with 11500x5750 resolution (only half of max resolution)

951 objects
18.206.314 faces
lowest res Texture: 4K
16K HDRI Background

In under 1,5h (1 pic) with 2000 Samples and overall 32 Bounces in Light Paths
The new denoising is strong as f…

The Rendermachine:
2x Intel Xeon Silver 4416 (2x 12 Cores/ 2x 24 Threads)
2x RTX A6000 48GB VRAM (with NVLink 96GB)

The Scene needs 8GB RAM just to open it without loading any texture.

Post Production only in Camera Raw by Adobe (16bit Tif as Raw File).

2x RTX A6000 are the peak in Performance at the moment, the speed is bizarre and preview in Cycles is like realtime


How long does it takes to pass 2000 samples?)))

1,5- 2h or less

Impressive! You know I order new workstation from Dell. And I was thought that this Dell precision overkill for blender. However your workstation really impressed)))) nice job

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Holy crap thats a nice looking image! And so clean but realistic, the only thing i’d touch that to my eye for some reason doesn’t look right for some reason is oddly the microwave on the left for some reason

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Wow, that’s amazing! I would also be interested in seeing some other camera views too.

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the microwave is a bad model with UV Texture…
It works better in frontview

@Zorro_Weaver I’m uploading the other views this week :wink:

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+2 Views in the office rooms @Zorro_Weaver

100% Blender
Every pic works great with 360° Viewer, even in the lower res version

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