My Blender 2.8 addons

Hello guys and girls. Have not been here for a very long time. I’m very impressed with the new version of Blender. Started updating all of my addons . Edge fillet is almost done. Will post new versions here soon. :grinning:

Old post. Edge fillet and other bmesh tools

Edge Fillet (2.6 KB)


Edge Fillet makes me think of Edge Flow:

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Not the same. Maybe I should change the name.

IMO, there is no need, really.

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Great news. Thank you for your effort updating your tools.

Thanks for updating your add-ons.

I’m wondering: what does Edge Fillet do that can’t be done by pressing Control + B (Bevel Edge) or Control + Shift + B (Bevel Vertex) in Edit Mode?

Thank you guys . Those addons have been written almost 10 years ago, and I have been using them a lot. I coded them because Blender did not have what I needed then. Before I post them here they will be updated with the new functionality.

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Just uploaded a test version of edge fillet. It is a very simple version from 10 years ago but I have a lot of ideas for updating it and the rest of my addons and I have over 30 of them . A lot of work lol. To use it just select two connected edges and press Fillet, or watch my YouTube video.
Download link in first post.


Updated most of my addons and old Index Visualiser but they are not ready to be released yet.


Wonderful list, your tools were always the best :slight_smile:

Thank you Meta-Androcto !
All the addons will have new features and I have a lot of ideas for new addons.
I am having a little problems with old bgl. LOL

yes, same here, bgl is breaking a few thing and difficult to adjust to.
Your compiling an impressive list again! It’s very exciting :smile:

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Thank You :grinning:

Does anybody have old honeycomb script ?

hi, it’s in add_mesh _extra_objects addon in release. If that’s the one your talking about?

Yes thank you Meta-Androcto. I have a lot of old addons that have been very useful . I am fixing them so they can be used in Blender 2.8. And I am almost done with my addons except two that I am having problems with.