My blender artworks shown at a gallery in Paris

Hello fellow blender artists ! I wanted to share with you this happy event ! My artworks are being displayed at a gallery in Paris now ! For a guy like like me who started making art on blender alone in his little appartment, this is awesome :slight_smile:

That gallery has some big screens that show the digital artworks, and it reveals so well all the details i put in each of them. The photos never do justice to the real thing, but here they are ! We already had many visitors, and there are some prints and holographic posters that we are selling here. It was such a success, so. the gallery decided to make the exhibit last longer, till October 30th.

If you ever plan to visit Paris this month, the address is :

Galerie IHAM
46 boulevard henry IV 75004 Paris

Open from tuesday to saturday, from 10:30AM to 18:30PM
Till October 30th 2021

Maybe we will meet there ! i am planning to make a live drawing event with blender during the exhibition !


Congrats, looks awesome :slight_smile:

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thank you !

This is brilliant, I also love the pictures! I’ll be in Paris from Oct 18-21 and will do my best to visit! When are you there?

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Thank you ! I think i can be there on tuesday 19 afternoon and wednesday 20 afternoon also !

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Cool, I’ll let you know next week when I know more about my programme.

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Does that gallery have actual LED canvases!? If so, then it makes sense it would make anything created on a PC just pop out from the wall, the images look great that way.

Also, it shows just how much CG rendering has advanced even in free software, that last image of the building looks like a Cycles render, not a photo (even though it is an actual photo).