my blender before I joined Elysiun

Here are my finished models that I’ve had sitting around for a while.
I finally decided that they should be posted.[/img]


More pix


one of my better models


I like that first short sword.

I really like the design of the second sword, except for the cross. Something about it rubs me wrong… If I figure out what I’ll let you know… [actually, now that I say that I think its the beams: unlike the handle and pommel the cross bar is too integrated with the end parts… maybe make it a little more knobish and add a little joint detail between the beam and the knob… My $0.02] The angle in the image is a little extreme for a still…

I love the texture on that wooden table. The angle of the image is a little jarring (but the glass is not spilling!) and there’s no background. It’s easy to add even just a wall, floor, and floorboard (that strip of wood that goes around the room where the wall meets the floor). I’d keep the wall red. Add a Stucci (Wall In, Soft Noise) texture mapped to NOR and scaled down sufficiently and you get a pretty good wall texture. I’d make the floor wooden slats. (My teacher would be upset because I’m not suggesting any contrast…)

The space images are pretty dark (especially the first) but the second seems to show a pretty neat ship design. Much better IMHO than the usual.

Blend On!

nice work lhkbob! its good to see some new faces here! i like the first dagger/sword a lot, and the second one has a nice hilt and pommel, but the blade kind of killed it (sorry if this sounds overly harsh). The ships are well put-together. Nice work, i look foreward to seeing what else you have for us!