My blender doesnt work

hey how yall doing… Yo i need some help, i have been stressing because my blender doesnt work i tried to install it again but it keeps saying import site failed, and it shuts down, what should i do, i need help…plllzzzz

you could tell us your os and stuff

the import site failed can be ignored

as you see the terminal, you are probably not running mac osx

as linux is in a similar situation, you are probably running windows

in windows it is usually a problem with the graphics driver or settings which will cause blender problems, though usually it doesn’t cause blender to quit

the solutions to gfx driver problems are:
16 bit [sometimes 24, but much less often] color
newer drivers
get a decent graphics card [like, a geforce 2 or other nvidia card]

does it quit with any errors?