My Blender File won't load.

I never had this issue before and now I’m scared that I possibly lost everything on there.

Did you try appending the contents of that file into a fresh one?
Create a new file, hit Shift-F1, browse to the damaged file and see if Blender shows the contents.

If that doesn’t work, are any recent .blend1, .blend2 etc. files available?
If not - why not? In the future: “Save early, save often.”

Btw, what’s the status of your HDD? Corrupt files can be a warning sign for a beginning hard disk failure.

I tried the first Method and it didn’t show any other files when I clicked it. But it did with my other projects.

I have a Blend1 and a Blend2 File. What can I do with those?

Btw idk how to check the HDD or let alone know what that is. lol… not much of a Cpu wiz. I was thinking about restarting my Cpu to see if it’s some weird error but I’ll hold it as my last resort.

Whenever you save a blend file, Blender will save that as your_filename.blend. The previous version will automatically be renamed to your_filename.blendx (with an appended number). You can define in the user preferences how many of those .blendx iterations Blender will save. See which one of the .blendx files is the latest, delete the number after the “.blend” and open like any other .blend file.

An HDD is your hard disk drive, a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating disks coated with magnetic material. Other than the RAM, which is wiped when you shutdown the PC, the data stays on the HDD until deleted or overwritten. All of your files and software are on this drive.

Because of the high mechanical stress from the disk rotation (usually 5400 or 7200 rpm) HDDs can fail (as in: bye-bye to all your data). And this might start with isolated cases of failure to read or write data correctly. There are ways to check onto that, but that might be a bit demanding for a self-declared tech noob…:smiley:

Oh. Thank you for the information about HDD.

But how do I open a .Blend1/.Blend2 File? When I click them it just gives me the average Messege. “Windows cant open this File”

As I said (first paragraph of my last post): Delete the number and open like any other .blend file.

So I should delete either my Blend1 or Blend2 file, and open my original Blender File?

No! Change the filename from blahblah.blend1 (or whatever) to blahblah.blend and open as usual.

Ohhh Shit! Ok. Now I get it. Sorry. Lol.

No need to apologize! I just got authoritative to prevent you from deleting those files…:wink:

Just tried it out and it worked. got everything I left off from. Thanks a lot, Ikari. (Edited) My brains just went banaas and idk why lol… Thanks.

Ah, might as well have been my fault for not making myself clear: Writing in a second language can be a PITA sometimes.

You maybe still want to look into that possible HDD issue, though, just to make sure. Do you have a tech whiz in your circle of friends that could check on the hard drive’s status? And it’s never a bad idea to start making backups of crucial files.

No. I really don’t. But it’s all good, i’ll just research on info after info, until I get a decent understanding.