My blender keeps freezing when baking (even with extremely low resolution)

Hi, Im new on Blender and I really wanna learn more about it, but theres a problem that keeps happening to me. I have a simple scene where the camera falls on a water container, but when I try to bake the fluid Blender freezes everytime even with low resolution, i’ve tried almost everything and I can’t find what I possibly did wrong. I used cycles, the scene is extremely simple with 778 faces, 822 vertices, 2 lamps and 4 objects, the domain size is also reduced. When I try to render with 60 of resolution which is very low and uses very few memory my Blender freezes and the bake ends after 20 mins. Is this normal? Since Im a new member I cant post pictures or files eh.

Firstly - welcome aboard!

Secondly… baking and rendering are two completely different things. You need to bake the fluid first - which will calculate the water movement… when you’re happy with that, you can render.

A lot of new users use photobucket to post images to the forums, by the way.

It is told in the title Blender is crashing when baking, it is told in the post itself it is freezing which is kinda contradictory.
To add to the first post, freezing when baking is quite normal, Blender tries to use all available resources to speed up baking and temporarily its interface isn’t answering to OS. This all depends on your hardware and drivers though. Once Blender finishes the process it will unfreeze.
Now crashing is completely different which means that task is not being done due to being too complex for the hardware to calculate it. Calculation isn’t finished in this case.
And afaik new members here can post 1 or 2 pictures at least with Upload button located in the top row of the UI for the Question field.

My bad, on the title I meant freezing aswell Im sorry xd
Also, I asked this cause normally when I bake a fluid on Blender (also a simple scenario) it usually doesn’t freeze at 60-150 of resolution even using Cycles. But since its normal Im just gonna let it bake and wait for sometime. Sorry again Im really new at this ;-;

Is 60 - 150 the resolution of the fluid?

Fluid will always take a little while to bake. Cycles makes no difference to fluid.

Really? I though Cycles would make the process slower. I wanted the resolution of the fluid to be 250 but since it was freezing constantly after messing up with Cycles I tried lower resolutions but the “problem” persisted, since this behavior is quite normal I’m just gonna wait for the bake to end.
Thanks for the help guys

Cycles will render slower than Blender Internal… but baking fluid is not rendering. It’s calculating the shape of the fluid for each frame, not simulating how light hits it.

Got it.
Thanks for the explanation!