My Blender modding newbie final project.

Any suggestions what the subject should be? I did most of the tutorials on the Noob to Pro wiki, I did the man, hat and landscape, the entire simple vehicle tutorial, I made a sail boat (w/ no tutorial) but it sank when I had to format my computer. I did the goblet tutorial, then I made a light bulb to experiment w/ lighting. You can see the goblet and light bulb I made here ->

Any suggestions on what I should do for my Final Project?

btw: I’ve also done a good bit of work with the various texturing and material aspects of things.

Thanks a lot!

-Eion :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

How about this?

It might be better to start with something a little more basic. Not so many curves. Work on a small street scene. Streets, buildings maybe some lamp posts. Then you can use this to work on the next level, Texturing. You will be amazed at how something simple like a street scene can be used to learn with. Plus you can find building textures rather easy on google. Good luck

Thanks, I thought about doing a house. . . Would that be easy enough? I’m a high school student trying to learn about Blender, nowhere close to a graphic design pro or anything.

Thats the cool thing about blender. You don’t have to be an expert or even a pro to use it. The tools are so easy. A house would be an awesome idea.

Any tips on a good house making tutorial? From what I understand I’ll need blueprints too. Are there any good prints floating around?

Orinoco, I thought it was funny:rolleyes:.

I agree about the street scene. And for an even more interesting texturing experience, take the pics yourself :wink:

blenditall, I appreciate your sense of humor, I really do. :wink:

Eion, there’s a lot of layers to this suggestion, aside from the obvious humor.

Most beginners begin with swords as their first “real” project. Don’t know why, but there seems to be some kind of major attraction. Maybe they all play Dungeons and Dragons. I thought to steer you away from the cliche sword model, yet still suggest something death-dealing, bloody and violent, in case that is the attraction to swords.

The project can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. There are organic and non organic parts to it, it has a variety of shapes and materials. You could make a cartoon version fairly easily, a photorealistic version would keep you busy learning Blender for a while.

Finally, there’s some historical precedent. Andy Wyath, the great painter, started his artistic career (at like age five or six) by asking his father (also an artist) for something to draw. His father rummaged through his collection of props and came up with a similar pistol. Young Andrew spent the first year of his highly successful artistic career making drawing after drawing of that pistol, each time learning more and more about his craft. I thought to set you off on a similarly successful artistic path.

So, there you have it. A gift, from me to you. Take it or leave it, up to you.

Also, here is an outstanding house building tutorial. Many real estate agents publish plans of their latest developments. Just google “floor plans” you’ll have more than you need.

Welcome to Blender Artists.

I’ve already made several swords. I didn’t think that really counted as a project. . .

I would really enjoy making something complex like that, and think that it really could be a good learning process. Do you have any more reference shots of it that I could use? The “moddling an item from a photo” tutorial suggested that you would need one of each angle.

I googled “pirate pistol” and switched to image. “Dueling pistol” might work equally well or better. Getting good reference photos is tough, since people don’t think of the needs of us poor CG artists when they take their photos. Sometimes I have luck using EBay, the people who sell stuff there rely on photos to display their wares, and often take photos from many angles, especially when dealing with antiques, since maker’s marks and such are often put in out of the way places on the item.

This is a very fine tutorial you linked, orinoco!!!
Eion if you still need it, you can find many house plans on this site:
just look into the “floor plans” section. All files there are in dwg format, which you’ll need to convert to dxf if you want to import them directly in blender. There are a couple of free converters on the net for doing that.

Ok, after trying to find some decent pistol reference shots, I got a lot of side views but nothing front back, above, below, ect. I think I’m going to try the house. Plus, then I can do a fluid simulation of it getting hit w/ a tidal wave or something. Thanks for the input and links!

@ yorik: I feel like a noob, but I don’t understand the conversions, are there not any jpeg floor plans around?

Tons of them. 2,080,000 for house floor plans. More if you just google “floor plans.”

I’ve got a nice simple floor plan, and I’m following the tutorial on it! Got the outline. I’ll try and post pics tomorrow.

I’ve finished the first part of the tutorial! I have the entire house shell and roof built, I’m moving on to windows, doors, textures, and rendering.

I’m curious to see the result!

I’ll get some screenshots of the shell in just a minute. Roof Shot
Exterior No-Roof

Topside, Wireframe