My blender source file pack

I am never a great writer, so instead of doing tutorials, I have decided to release some of the personal project I’ve worked on. The result is a 300MB folder of 22 project, including a lot of the things on my portfolio and demoreel.

It contains animations, stills and a few real-time game project.

Hope people will find it useful. I’ve tried my best to make sure everything is packed and ready to go. All files should work in Blender 2.49a.


Mike’s Blender Pack v2 Zip (175MB Compressed)
Mike’s Blender Pack v2 Individual Files (270MB Total)


that sounds very good & generous.
The 300meg, could this be split in smaller sizes?
I would be looking at 12 hours + to download.

Done, but the individual files are hosted on a crappy server with 50KB/s upstream. Not that it matters if you are on 56k :smiley:

The zip file should be a lot faster.

Wow, just, Wow. And I haven’t even downloaded them yet… Looking forward to seeing your magic in detail.

thanks so much,
this is really a wonderful collection of highest quality models.

Is that material study in there? I really like that wet rock and the ice.

Very nice, I like array2.blend a lot.

mrjynx, i added the files you requested, along with quite a few gameengine demos. Version ‘2’ link in first post.

Thank you very much. Very useful.

Very mich appreciated, browsing it now

Thank you very much…very much appreciated…

Wow, thats really nice of you Mike. Thanks for the foot up.