My BSG Models

Hi Guys, I’m sort of new here but have been using Blender for sometime now and think it’s about time I posted up some of my work.

All my work is medium/low poly and still needs texturing ( when I get the hang of it:o )


Galactica, Athena,Valkyire, Valhalla & Pegasus

Colonial military ships

Colonial Gunstar, Cygnus MKII, Berzerk MKI / MKII & Viper MKII

Comments are welcome

Amazing work and just in time for season 4.5 yay!!!

You just need some cylon ships and you could do a big ol’ space battle.

very nice work with those models; very detailed. My questions are the origin of the apparently invented battlestar classes, and the nature of valkyrie: I recall a different shape in the series, longer and more slender than that. But it’s hard to tell, seeing how they had all of two appearances.

The pegasus has some nitpicks, but the only major ones being the rench in the “head” of the ship, and the under-flight deck in the flightpods (there is a second flight deck just beneath the main one). The absence of both could just be angle.

Other than mostly cannonical issues, that is some very talented work in my opinion. Any planned use for them?

Thanks Rexono, Uncle Entity, Atethis

Here are some more ship I have finished modeling some time ago.
Colonial civilian ships

Colonial One, Gemenon Traveller, Celestra, Defender Class, Prometheus, Colonial Movers / Tankers


Ragnar Anchorage, Armistice Station, Colonial research station & Bio-station

@Atethis:- The pegasus was my first big ship I built so there are some little things wrong with it, but it will get an update soon. as for the missing flight pods thay are there but you just cant see them in that pic:)

Hi guy’s
I have now finished modeling the Scylla.
I have managed to keep the Scylla under 40k poly’s

Comments are welcome

I don’t know if you are still active here but I really want to 3d print those models. I am a huge bsg nerd and I really want those gorgeous ships on my dresser
. Please get in contact with me.

You aren’t still active perchance are you? I’ve had a hard time tracking you down all because I think your models look awesome and I was wondering if they were accessible as I would like to use them in a personal demo project I am working on.