my cave scene im currently working on

no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get rid of all the fireflies. This was rendered at ( I believe ) 10k samples. 8k at the least.

would appreciate any C&C on any part. specially how to fix the fire flies. I’m not very good with lighting sadly

What fireflies?

all throughout the water

watched on a video on lighting and was able to get rid of the fireflies and all the noise. not sure if I like it being so light but here it is.

Looks better, but yes it’s a little too much light.

Since when did colored mushrooms grow in the dark?

Maybe try and add a subsurface modifier on the cave

smoothed the walls, thanks! that looks a lot better. and as of the colored mushrooms, I’m sure that’s prob not correct but making them all brown just made it seem so dark. I haven’t decided which way to go on that part yet