My cdplayer

(halfgaar) #1

Hi y’all,

I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my cdplayer. Compliments are OK :), but I could use some usefull info as well. Escpecially about how to make the glass (plastic?) of the display transparent and reflective. I’ve managed something, but it’s not good enough to me.

You can find it at:

(Zweistein) #2

Really nice, exspezially the font. It glows at the top of the letters :wink: is it a texture?

(halfgaar) #3

The display is built like a real one is, except for one difference. The numbers are indeed textures. But in front of that texture, I put the glass, with a little space between them. The glass is transparent and reflective (reflection is made with envmap). The reason why the top of the letters glow is because the reflection of the environment (blue) is added to the blue of the numbers This is what I want to do better, but I don’t know how. Making something transparent and reflective is hard.


(CurtisS) #4

Pretty good so far. Needs shadows though. The text looks a little stretched on the power button. The reflection on the display looks fine to me.

(halfgaar) #5

Some textures indeed look strangely. When I was pretty far with it, I learned the “place textures on object coordinates”. I still have to convert them all.

The reflection looks ok, but the numbers are not bright enough. If I make the display more transparent, then the reflection looks too weak. Is there a way to make nice and bright numbers?


(JD-multi) #6

Looks good nice picture, ziet er goed uit :smiley:

(BMD) #7

It looks great, and the display is fine in my opinion, but do you have shadows on? i don’t see any… that’s my only critique


Oh wait, is the “Phones” jack a hole or a texture?

(bverlaan) #8

ziet er zeker goed uit!!!:slight_smile: 8)

(halfgaar) #9

The phones jack is definetly a hole. A well modelled hole I might add. Maybe you want a closeup:

about the shadows. I have them turned on, but I agree that they’re not very good. I must spend some extra time on them.

I do have a question about shadows. Maybe you’ve noticed that the shadow under the cd-tray has a jagged edge. That happens when I have the unified renderer turned on. How do I fix that?

(BMD) #10

thanks for the close up. i have a question: what is Unified Renderer?

Thanks in advance

(halfgaar) #11

In the renderbuttons screen, bottom right, you’ll see the button unified renderer. It has some advantages. My experience is that sometimes errors occur with high-poly stuff in the distance. The unified renderer fixes that, at least with my cd player :slight_smile:

Another thing it does is, when you have a transparent object, halo’s (and therefore also stars) shine thrue that material no matter what the alpha setting is. It looks strange when an object is opaque, but that halo’s shine thrue. The unified renderer lets the alpha value also define how much halo’s shine thrue.

I also have an updated render:


(banana_sock) #12

there’s a dark black shadow underneath the player, let the feet have alot of light falling on them. They also don’t really seem to match the model, can’t tell why though. Maybe just make them duller…

(bmax) #13

cool…yea…neat…shiny, metally, love that materials and the excellent modelling! one tip(its the usual, by the way) : render it in lightflow!

(halfgaar) #14

Lightflow? What is lightflow? Thanx for the compliments BTW :slight_smile:

And the feet: Making them look realistic is very difficult. But I am working on it. Maybe I should do some lightning tutorials first…