My cellphone

Just thought I’d post this, it’s my good old Nokia 3310, modelled and rendered in Blender. One day I’ll try to render it in Yafray and Povray as well.

Perfect! Just two things: Try to make the display as is on the real phone – make a glass and UNDER it a plate with liquid crystals. And second one: Contacts on the bottom doesn’t look like made from metal. Tweak it. Then it will be OK. :slight_smile:

The screen needs a more glassy look to it.

The glass is there, it is just not very glassy, since I don’t have an environment that gets reflected.

then put a fake environment map on it.

Nice model

But this is modelled with sub-surf or Mesh only

Subsurf. I never leave home without it!

Looks very good. I have to agree with Union S8’s comments about the display and the contacts though.

are you kiddin me…that’s frickin awesome! Nice Work

cool!!! i wanna see the wire though. and um step up the OSA aswell. [!]