My Cityscape Progress

I am working on a low poly cityscape but trying to make it somewhat realistic. Not realistic as in cinematic or CG, but as in things you’d see in a city and lifelike at a distance.

I started with square buildings but then I built this unique shaped one that I think is starting to look really nice.
I am a beginner with Blender and quit about a year ago and starting to get back into it, keep that in mind when giving me feedback.

Everything I did 100% except for the image textures. This cityscape is only about 15% complete, but I’d love ideas and opinions on how my progress is doing. Thanks!

Just textured the awning and lower ground level. So it should look better now.

Nobody? I was hoping for at least one person to comment.

I like what you’ve done so far, but it’s too early to tell how the whole thing will look. Keep at it.

Thanks I will post again when at 4 completely modeled and textured buildings.