My Close-To-Photrealism Textures

Hi there I just made this two Textures with Bump maps. Hope you all like them. It’s actually the first time I made textures myself. More to follow in the next time :wink: I used a script called resyntesize (I think) for gimp to make them seamless

Crits and Comments are very welcome

Get here the small Jpeg-Zip File (6.3 MBs):
Get here the larger Jpeg-Zip File (18.1) MBs:

Well, note that gum on the wall in the first texture: it occurs 3 or 4 times! Fix that and you’re good!

hmm it’s not a gum it’s a part of a red cobblestone but okay I’m going to fix that :rolleyes:

haha, well, it looks very much like gum pressed onto the wall. other than that I really like these.

Can i ask how do i use them ?..

Nice textures. Maybe specular texture will improve it even further.

Okay I tried to improve the erosion colour map and I also made a spec-map… at least I think it is one because I never made one before :smiley:

I’m sorry I’m going to upload the new images later