My cloth sim workflow papercuts me with pin groups. Any Idea?

Hello Community!

Currently I’m using cloth sim for sparsely modeling tasks like small clothing, cushions and sci fi pads. This task involves pin groups sooner or later.

We all know that cloth sim is not our best runner compared with marvelous, but to me cover my needs pretty well, giving nice wrinkles and such. So, I always try to use a relatively simple mesh to start my simulations. Once I like what I see, I use a subsurf before cloth modifier to obtain more details. Unfortunatelly, If I use vertex groups as pinning, these gets interpolated with the newly created geometry, causing a bigger than desired pinning lines. What I do now is to “apply” the subsurf and then, re-create the vertex groups to use as pinning groups. But its a destructive process that I’d like to improve.

This question can be simplified by: ¿Is there any way to keep subsurf modifier to interpolate previous vertex groups? I don’t think so, but well, just curious to know if someone can throw ideas on this. Thank you!