My computer wants to format all the cd's i put in ???

Man , my computer is killing me , dont you ever buy asus.

Well i insert cd’s or dvds with stuff in them and windows only shows mw the option of formating ???

Do you know how can i fix it?

I would try to check the drivers and maybe uninstall then reinstall

This is not Asus, this is a Microsoft problem.

get a mac…also check what is happening during the autorun. Also look at imgburn.

lol this is not a microsoft problem , because on my pc there is no such kind of error i think there is problem with your auto run file. or this is your DVD burner problem. , check the setting of your DVD player/burner.

tell me what DVD burner you use.?

I had a similar problem. The CDs I put in the machine were incompatible with the DVD/CD hardware, which kept reporting “unformatted disk” to the software. When I bought different type of CD the problem went away.

Tweaking Knobs, are the CD’s Burnt? or original

fixed , my compuer is stupid , yes they where burned .

thanx 2 all