My computer

Well…i made a computer
It’s a schoolproject.
It’s not finished yet…the keys from the keyboard are still floating :stuck_out_tongue:
And there is no chair or cord for the keyboard yet.
Leave your comments please :slight_smile:
And if the comments are too detailed…please also say how i got to do it, i don’t really used this program allot.
My only point is that the monitor is ‘fake’ …it doesn’t look realistic. Any hints on that one ?

If you’re rendering just click F3 and save it. No comments.

You have probably tried this, but press f12 to render the picture, and then save it by pressing f3. It will be easier to give comments then. You should try putting the monitor forward a lil’ bit (press G and then Y to limit the movement along the y axis). you should also try putting a floor in. It can just be a plane. And ive never seen a brown monitor :wink:

But its a very good start, its just little things to make it better. Good luck

edit - whoops, i looked at your screenshot again and it seems like you rendered it. Just press f3 to save it. Lol, my bad