My contest entry for "The one minutes" competition

This is my entry for a short film competition called “The one minutes”
I would like to hear your crits %| , al the 3D is done in Blender and the post in After Effects.

Here’s a screenshot/thumb:

This is the MPEG-1 version:

This is the Quicktime 6 version MPEG-4 codec

Sorry :expressionless: i forgot to post the file sizes.

Quicktime version is 7.5 MB
MPEG-1 version is 10.8 MB


wow that’s pretty good! I love it!

The combination of 3d and 2d i very well done!

I really like the lighting in the first scene. It’s very cool!

Good job on it!

Thank you.
That first scene took ages too render.


I like the animation, and the sound is outstanding!

Good job there. When will you know the results of the contest?

Good Luck!


The awards presentation is on 16 november in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Great. Original. Love it.

IT’s very cool, I too love your combination2 - 3 D, but I don’t get your point :expressionless: shame on me… But that proves only my limitation, and when it comes to artsy stuff, I’m always left in the dust…

The point of the film is basicly that the main character (the eyes at the splitscreen) tries to save his own hide by running away from the bom. First he doesn’t warn his secratary after he runs out of the office because there isn’t enough time (the bom beeps when he looks at the clock as a reminder) and later he decides not to warn the people at the elevator (because he fears he will be overrun by the panicing crowd). When his helpfull secretary runs after him with the suitcase not knowing there is a bom inside his decicions come back to bite him.

Well thats basicly the idea, i did the film without dialog because it’s an international contest and i didn’t have time to do lipsync :wink: . I think that makes the whole thing a little harder to understand, but i wanted to try something like that to see if it would work.
I hope this claeres things up a bit?


I really like this! In a way I wish I hadn’t read your post on what was happening before I watched it (I need a T3 so I see these movies before I have time to read the posts :-? )

Part I like most is how we enter his thoughts and it’s blurred and semi-coherent. Good luck with the contest and be sure to let us know the results when they come.

great! loved it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive revieuws :smiley: , i hope the contest jury will feel the same way.


Hey, this is a cool movie! Good story and good graphics, sounds!

Wow!..It’s great!

Nice style and feeling overall.